10 mistakes women make when dating

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Ladies, keep in mind that your image is like a magnet.

You attract the type of person that you are presenting yourself as.

Buying him heart-shaped balloons, showing up at his workplace every other day or crashing his inbox with soppy messages are likely to bore him over a period of time.

Initially your partner may be amused or even touched by your mushy gestures but eventually these will become a cause for embarrassment or even irritation.

Women who are too effusive in their affections are usually perceived by men as needy at best or forward at worst.

Being sentimental Even if you are dating a guy exclusively, try not to be bogged down by Hollywood notions of what courting should be like.

Understanding these things can help women not sabotage their own relationships. Using s’εx as a weapon I’m not specifically referring to s’εx itself, but rather using your body to get all the attention.

Physical attraction can bring temporary satisfaction; but personality and character are what actually form a rewarding relationship.

If you have gone out with numerous men and still find yourself single by the end of the day, perhaps you are misjudging some important aspects about how men generally think and behave.

Relationships are all about give and take; think of the many times he agreed to go shopping with you or settled for the chick-flick because you want to watch it so badly.

So every now and then, try to show some interest in your partner’s interests or at least let him know that you support what he likes to do.

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