Baby shower dating game questions

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We also played a word scramble game.” Print off this free baby shower word search from Posh Little.“We had a couples brunch for our baby shower—no games, but great fun spent socializing and eating yummy food,” recalls Amy Croushorn of Amy’s Party Ideas.Back to the first sentence, I am not a party planner.There are a bijillion fantastic baby shower themes out there and beautiful tutorials. We ended up hanging a cluster of 15 white balloons over a blue-draped table filled with food.I think if it wasn’t co-ed, I wouldn’t have been able to pass on the lack of decorations, but the guys definitely didn’t notice and the food and game made up for it.

This was a fun alternative to cheesy games, and it gave the gals some time to catch up and chit-chat.” “My best friend threw me a really fun co-ed baby shower,” recalls Houston mom of one Gina Cheney.

We wanted to get everyone involved, and make sure the guys and girls had a fun time.

So we came up with “The Newly-Parents Game” which follows the same rules as “The Newlywed Game.” The tough part was thinking of questions that were appropriate, could spark some laughs, and didn’t leave anyone crying or feeling like a bad parent.

Asking trivia questions about how to raise a child were not a good idea.

We didn’t want anyone feeling bad or getting upset.

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