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Carl will also receive a pop-up warning of the attack soon.

If Carl does not go to defend the territory, after a period of time it would be lost to the attacking gang, and respect would be drained.

A safe strategy is to run around the territory until all of the enemy force is in one direction, crouch down on a paved sidewalk, let the enemy come, and take them down one by one with single shots aimed at the upper body.This is a list of gangs whose territories Carl can take over, with their corresponding colors: Note: in normal play, only territories involving Grove Street Families, Ballas and Los Santos Vagos appear and can be taken over.The other territories only become available if the player exploits a glitch (see below).This is because a gang war can also be triggered by shooting enemy gang members from afar.As long as the player is standing in the area with little enemy gang presence, he/she can bring that area to war by killing gang members from the neighboring areas.

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