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Lincoln Heights is an American family drama television series about Eddie Sutton, a Mission Vista police officer who moves his family back to his old neighborhood, Lincoln Heights, to start a new life and to help out his old neighborhood.

It is a dangerous place to raise a family, and through the many trials the family goes through, they soon learn that settling in is not as easy as it seems.

Tay starts his music career, but he gets into trouble with his parents about it.

Cassie & Charles' relationship intensifies, but Cassie wants to know more about Charles' stepfather, who finished his prison sentence and is now back in his mother's life. Jenn quits her job at the hospital and starts working at a local clinic.

Lund's new teenage daughter, Sage, starts at Cassie's high school and the two strike up a friendship.

Charles becomes jealous and breaks up with her, thinking he is holding her back.Eddie and Jenn's relationship becomes stronger as living in the Heights gets harder.Lizzie gets accepted to a new school under a scholarship. Tay's career of being a singer is working out great, but he ends up getting into trouble because of it.While Officer Sutton struggles to cope with everyday life as a street cop in Los Angeles, his kids try to fit in at their new schools and with their new neighbors.The show premiered January 8, 2007 on the ABC Family network with 13 episodes ordered for the first season.

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