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We messy transparents are just out mucking around in the pigpen of life apparently. I’m not making this up; I’m just saying it out loud. Not because your particular brand of life is exceptionally punishing or you are doing everything exceptionally wrong, but because, as it turns out, this is how it is for everyone. We will endure discouragement, heartbreak, failure, and suffering. Life is crazy gorgeous and crazy hard, and we don’t mean to fail each other but we do, which is why Anne Lamott calls earth .Messy, hard, disappointing, painful, shocking, exhausting, aggravating, boring. This is the price of being a human being on this planet; we get the glorious and the grueling, and surprisingly, the second often leads to the first. You belong here; that is the short version of the story. I think about you, I dream about you, I care about you, and my aim is to serve you until I die. For the Girls, Jen (You can preorder Visit my blog Jen Hatmaker lives in Austin with her hubby and 5 kids.I entered the nineties as a junior in high school and left it married with two kids.I logged all those years in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, so country music was our state genre, our shared anthem.

So here, in its entirety, I offer you a very challenging post about women, written by a very intelligent woman.Feel free to post whether you agree or disagree with her assessment.And while I might nitpick with a line or two, on the whole, I think Moxie knocked it out of the park.Good Luck Pros- The people - this agency has the brightest and nicest employees.Everyone with whom I work are really collaborative and inclusive.- Great culture - this agency goes above and beyond to ensure Moxie is a fun place to work- Training programs for every level employee- Benefits are off the chain - especially the vacation policy and the health insurance- The work - we get to work on really progressive solutions to our clients challenges- DOGS!

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