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Last month, just weeks before launch, Frogster issued a statement explaining the Elin were censored to ward off "unsavoury users". But we were just told in Germany we are the best-selling game at the moment.The German company didn't say it outright, but it didn't need to. Now, with Tera a week and a half old, in-game chat channels are often filled with Elin talk. Obviously Tera is Frogster's flagship title, so we have high expectations of the game.Western players in general want the same thing, so we combine our feedback.

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New features such as new dungeons, for example, is something expected by all players from all countries.

I won't say any bad words but you know what I mean, this can be even more offensive than if you have a big boobs character running around saying the same thing. Additionally, we have some very clever users who are changing the textures from the European to the Korean files. The same goes for some modifications that can be made to the game files.

Lucile Le Merle: Obviously this appears to all characters, whether it's a Human, High Elf or an Elin. So, for example, when you have a user playing an Elin character saying, oh, I'm a flat chested girl, come... While this is not something we promote actively, because changing the files of the game is prohibited by our terms of service, we know this is happening and we are not planning to do any kind of witch hunt if people have their own personal preferences. For example you can meddle with the files of the game and change the depth of field, or remove the bloom, which is not something you can change directly in the in-game options.

Some have accused Frogster of censorship in order to secure Tera's PEGI 12 rating in Europe. We'd say it's very successful at the moment and we're going to monitor the numbers to see if we need to do any additional marketing campaign or if there are some users who need to be more satisfied.

Some have even broken Tera's terms of service and modified client files to force the Elin to wear their Korean clothes - well, what there is of them. We're going to do surveys in order to know if they're satisfied with the game. Lucile Le Merle: I wasn't involved in the PEGI process, but as far as I know the US is way more strict on any kind of naked bodies.

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