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This plan can be designed with potential growth in mind.

You can also get familiar with our other retirement plan options for companies with full-time employees.

Because Single(k) is a qualified retirement plan, it has to be sponsored by a business entity. Applying for an EIN is easy, you can do it online, over the phone, by fax or by mail.

The EIN is for your company’s retirement plan, not the business itself. A “contribution suspension” is required after you take a hardship withdrawal from your Single(k) plan.

, you can have a big business 401(k) plan, even as a one-person operation.

As our lowest cost 401(k) plan, Single(k) delivers tax-saving benefits for your business in a plan that practically pays for itself.

Sign up online and sign the Adoption Agreement by no later than December 31.

You can save up to [contribution_total_employee() {] per year in individual contributions — either pre-tax or after-tax (Roth) contributions, or both ([contribution_total_50_or_older() ] for those age 50 or older).

X The Single(k) retirement plan combines the convenience of 401(k) payroll deductions with the flexibility of a profit-sharing plan.

With Single(k), you can set aside pre-tax or Roth (after-tax) money and also make a profit-sharing contribution if you so choose, allowing you to save up to [contribution_total_individual() {] in 2017 ([contribution_total_individual_50_or_older() {] if you are age 50 or older), You won’t pay taxes on your pre-tax savings or their earnings until you withdraw the money at retirement.

Although it’s not required, you can make a profit-sharing contribution for a total contribution of up to [contribution_total_individual() {] per individual (or [contribution_total_individual_50_or_older() {] for those age 50 or older) depending on the type of company you have.

For corporations: The profit-sharing contribution allocation cannot exceed 25% of compensation as defined by the plan.

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