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Once you get that configuration data you'll probably use a different If you're using a parser without a settable option for validation, you may want to let distinct parsers be configured for validating and nonvalidating usage, assuming that your application needs both.Parsers with validation support are significantly larger than ones without it, which is partly whyÆlfred still has a nonvalidating class.

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In case someone out there is relying on the discovery mechanism of XMLReader Factory, might be better to maintain that. The problem only occurred when the application was deployed to a server with other applications.There have been a few cases with spring security/CAS (Redirect Utils, Http Utils, Xml Utils) where I have run into a problem with a static util class and I always wish it was a non-static bean that I could extend, override and inject into whatever bean was using it. Anyway, I think using JAXP directly or as a fallback would work for me. Runtime Exception: Unable to create XMLReader at org. Xml Text For Element(Xml Utils.java:116) at org.client.validation. XMLReader Class(XMLReader Factory.java:229) at sax.helpers. XMLReader Factory.create XMLReader(XMLReader Factory.java:190) at org. method, except it's complicated by expecting the factory to return preconfigured parsers.[16] Configuring the parser using the SAX2 flags and properties directly is preferable; the API "surface area" is smaller.Other than having different default namespace-processing modes, the practical difference is primarily availability: many implementations ensure that a JAXP system default is always accessible, but they haven't paid the same attention to providing the default SAX2 parser.

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